Ways to Volunteer for Meals on Wheels of polk County | Winter haven Polk County FL
Ways to Volunteer for Meals on Wheels of polk County | Winter haven Polk County FL banner


Volunteering with us is flexible.

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You have the freedom to choose the days and hours that work best for you. Even dedicating as little as one day a month can make a significant impact, and your support is greatly appreciated. Check out the available positions and sign up to start making a difference in your community. Your time and effort can bring joy and support to those in need, and you will feel a sense of fulfillment knowing you made a positive impact.

  1. Meal Delivery Drivers (Meal pickup locations in Winter Haven, Haines City, Davenport, Auburndale, Lakeland and Bartow)

    • (I would like to invite you to go on a Ride Along to deliver meals with an Employee/Volunteer to really see the program in action)
    • Subs needed especially in the upcoming Spring/Summer months (April – October)
    • (9:30am to 11:00am pickup time depending on meal pickup location)
  2. Meal Packaging (Kitchen) (Location: 620 6th ST NW, Winter Haven)

    • Shift 1 (6:30am to 10:00am)
    • Shift 2 (8:00am to 11:00am)
  3. Cleaning Coolers (Location: 620 6th ST NW, Winter Haven)

    • (11am to 1pm)
  4. Thrift Store (Year-Round Fundraiser) (Location: 620 6th ST NW, Winter Haven)

    • (Work any hours between 8am and 3:30pm)
    • Putting out donations on shelves/racks & straightening
  5. Office – Answering Phone (Location: 620 6th ST NW, Winter Haven)

    • (9am to 12pm)

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volunteering is great way to support the community and meet new people


Volunteering is a valuable and rewarding experience that not only benefits the community, but also has a positive impact on the organization and its finances. By volunteering, you help lower the meal costs for the organization by reducing the number of employees needed. Every hour you volunteer directly affects the cost of each meal, making a tangible difference. With the rising cost of living and operating expenses, your support as a volunteer is essential in ensuring the organization can continue to serve its recipients with high-quality meals. By volunteering, you are making a meaningful contribution to the community and helping to create a more sustainable future for everyone involved.

Volunteering is not only beneficial for the community, but it can also be a fun and enjoyable experience. Take the opportunity to share this experience with a friend by planning a day of volunteering together. Show them why you find satisfaction in helping others and introduce them to the impact that volunteering can have. In our community, there are elderly individuals who rely on Meals on Wheels for their survival. Not only does the program provide them with the necessary nutrition, but for some, it may be the only human interaction they have during the day. By volunteering, you can bring joy and companionship to these individuals and make a difference in their lives.

Ways you can help

  • Delivery Drivers

    Delivering a meal is just the beginning of what we offer at Meals on Wheels Polk. Our beneficiaries also receive companionship, conversation, and a friendly smile from our volunteers. That's why we are not just looking for people to help with meal delivery, but also for individuals with smiling faces who can bring joy and comfort to those in need. Volunteering with us is an opportunity to make a positive impact in the lives of the elderly and less fortunate in our community, and your presence and personality can bring happiness and hope to those who need it most. Sign up today and join us in delivering more than just a meal.

    We are seeking both Permanent Route Drivers and Substitute Drivers to join our team. Permanent Route Drivers are assigned a specific route and are expected to deliver meals on the days they have scheduled to volunteer. On the other hand, Substitute Drivers are on-call and can choose the days they are available to volunteer. By offering both options, we hope to accommodate a variety of schedules and allow individuals to volunteer in a way that works best for them. Whether you are looking for a consistent volunteer opportunity or prefer to be on-call, we have a role for you. Join us in delivering meals, conversation, and a friendly smile to those in need in our community.

    As a Delivery Volunteer, you will use your own vehicle to deliver meals to those in need in our community. This role only takes a few hours out of your day, but it means a lot to our beneficiaries.

  • Kitchen prep

    We are also looking for Kitchen Prep Volunteers to join our team. As a Kitchen Prep Volunteer, you will have the flexibility to choose the days that work best for your schedule. Our kitchen operates from 6:30am to 10:30am, providing ample opportunities for you to get involved and make a difference. Whether you are looking to volunteer regularly or just a few times a month, your support is greatly appreciated. As a Kitchen Prep Volunteer, you will play a crucial role in preparing and packaging meals for those in need. Your efforts will help ensure that our beneficiaries receive a nutritious and delicious meal, and your smile and positive energy will brighten their day.

    If you are not confident in the kitchen, don't worry! We have other volunteer opportunities available for you to contribute. Our kitchen prepares over 500 meals every day, and this requires a large number of coolers to be used for delivery to each route. Keeping our coolers and facility clean is a crucial aspect of our operations and a great way to get involved as a volunteer. Even if you don't have experience in cooking, you can still make a positive impact by helping us maintain a clean and organized environment. Your efforts will ensure that our meals are delivered in a safe and hygienic manner, and your support is greatly appreciated. Join us and make a difference in your community.

  • Thrift Store

    If you are looking for other volunteer opportunities, our thrift store located in downtown Winter Haven is a great place to start. We collect donations throughout the week and need help with organizing and stocking the shelves. All the sales from the store go towards reducing the cost of our meals, making your volunteer efforts a direct way to help those in need. By volunteering at our thrift store, you will play a crucial role in keeping our operation running smoothly and providing affordable meals to those who depend on us. Your skills and positive energy will be greatly appreciated, and you will have the satisfaction of knowing that your contributions are making a real impact. Join us today and make a difference in your community!

Volunteering is a great way to help out our community and meet new people

Volunteers are the key to our success! We are able to provide meals to the homebound of Polk county through the help of volunteers. We feed over 500 people and would not be able to afford this without our volunteers.

There are many different types of volunteer positions available. If you are over the age of 21 and have your own vehicle you can deliver meals for us. You choose how many days you would like to deliver. We work Monday through Friday and always need delivery drivers. Some people volunteer one day a week, others five days it's only for a few hours in the morning. Click here to see our Volunteer Pickup locations

If you are under 21 and looking to get started volunteering we have a few different options. Our kitchen is a great place to volunteer. We are able to provide our meals at a discounted price by the generosity of people in our community coming to help us prepare food. Click here to see more about these opportunities.

We also have a thrift store that we sell donations in. All proceeds from our store help to bring down the cost of the meals. Anyone can volunteer to help out in our thrift store.

If you are unable to volunteer during these times but would still love to help out share us on social media. Pick us as your charity or choice on Paypal Giving Fund. Buy a sponsorship for our event and advertise your business. These are all great ways to support us.