Meal Delivery

Food Service Kitchen volunteers:

Help prepare meals and pack hot and cold boxes for delivery.
Kitchen (6:30-10am)

Meal Delivery Volunteer Drivers

Use their own automobile and can choose a day(s) to deliver meals Monday – Friday. Delivery time is typically 10:00am to 12:00pm, The role of the volunteer is far more important than the meals they deliver. They are often the only contact our recipients have all day. They provide a warm smile and a caring attitude. They are a safety check to help ensure our recipient's well being. They are the eyes and ears of Meals On Wheels and often alert us to recipients with additional needs. We are able to schedule most volunteers for service near their home or office.

Click Here to visit the meal pick up page for full addresses.

Substitute Delivery Route Volunteers can be on call to deliver meals when other drivers are unavailable.

Group Delivery Opportunities-Many organizations such as churches, civic and business groups can join together to deliver meals as a team.

Thrift Store Volunteer

Opportunities are also available in our thrift store located directly behind our food service building. Volunteers help keep store straight, bag items for cashier, display items or hang & tag clothes under the direction of an employee.
Volunteer anytime between (10:30am-3:30pm)

Fundraising volunteers are needed especially during our large fund raiser – Silent Auction.

For more information contact Meals on Wheels of Polk County at 863-299-1616 or [email protected]

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